Golf with Bing Crosby

Golf, Life, and Lessons from Bing Crosby

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In eighteen enlightening tales, Bing Crosby’s son Nathaniel pays tribute to his father, their relationship, and the unique sport that bonded them. Nathaniel sheds new light on our perception of Bing the singer, describing how he was, to his youngest child and many others alike, Bing the golfer. Full of entertaining anecdotes of Bing Crosby’s time on the golf course, the tournaments he created and later sponsored, and the golf lessons he shared with Nathaniel through the game, 18 Holes with Bing offers a rarified glimpse of a man who was one of the brightest stars of Hollywood’s golden age: Bing’s entertaining troops during World War II, his famous friends of stage and screen, his golf and entertainment tours throughout Europe, and, most of all, his humbleness–the modesty with which America’s greatest star played America’s greatest pastime.

About Nathaniel

Nathaniel Crosby won the United States Amateur Championship in 1981, is a former European Tour player, and was host of the Bing Crosby National Pro-Am for eight years. He played in three Masters, the United States Open, two British Opens, and on winning World Amateur and Walker Cup teams. He is the former president of Toney Penna Golf and grew two major golf manufacturing companies, Nicklaus Golf Equipment Company and Orlimar Golf, to substantial levels. He is currently the founder and president of AppleTree Management Group, the managing company of AppleTree Golf Society that is coordinating thirty private golf clubs into an ultra-affluent golf membership program. He lives in Jupiter, Florida with his wife, Sheila, and their six children.

The Real Tenerife

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The most comprehensive guide to Tenerife’s resorts, towns and villages available in the English language, written with insight and passion by travel writers who live on the island and have spent years treading the streets of every town and village, trekking along goat trails in the mountains and revelling at fiestas until dawn (all in the name of research). In short, exploring the Tenerife that visitors and even most residents never see…the Tenerife which lies beyond the holiday brochures.
Now they are sharing all that knowledge with everyone who wants to find the ‘real’ Tenerife.

Much more than just a tourist guide, The Real Tenerife gives you an insiders’ view of this surprising, beautiful and diverse Spanish island which lies off the coast of Africa.
Inside you will discover: hidden treasures beyond the tourist hotspots; a brief look into Tenerife’s fascinating history; detailed descriptions of towns and villages across the island including recommendations on where to stay, where to eat and what to see and do; personal photographs from the authors’ travels; an insight into Tenerife’s culture and celebrations; tips on when, where and how to enjoy the island’s fiestas.

Previously published as Going Native in Tenerife

About Andrea and Jack Montgomery
In 2003 Andrea and Jack Montgomery swapped their lives in Manchester for the north of Tenerife. Since then they’ve been writing about the Tenerife that lies beyond the brochures. They’ve watched sunrise from the summit of Mount Teide and bathed in midsummer waters at midnight; belted out This Sex is on Fire in bars in Playa de las Américas and cried to Ave Maria at fishermen’s fiestas; downed too many mojitos in Cuban salsa bars and shared vino del pais from goatskin bottles with caballeros in the mountains; slept in palatial hotels and under canvas all on their lonesome in the pine forest; cross-dressed at carnaval and been spellbound at silent, religious parades; battled Atlantic rollers and floated in the rock pools at Garachico, trekked through ravines to remote hamlets and followed tapas trails through Tenerife’s capital.

They continue to experience the parts of Tenerife that many travel writers don’t reach. As well as writing about Tenerife, they chronicle their travels worldwide for their Buzz Trips website and are specialists in the Canary Islands which has resulted in two travel guidebooks and contributions to DK Guides and Frommer’s. They are Tenerife and Canary Islands destination experts for leading UK Slow travel company, Inntravel, and Andrea is Tenerife destination expert for The Telegraph. Jack and Andrea also write hiking guides that sell to over 30 countries around the World and their travel articles and photographs have been published in The Telegraph, The Independent, Ling, Traveller Magazine, Thomas Cook, Easy Jet, Escapades, Club 18-30 as well as various Spanish publications and online travel sites such as Cosmos and Monarch.

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Golf Club Hire/Golf Tips: Like many of the U.K.’s best golf clubs (Royal Porthcawl in Wales comes to mind), Royal Aberdeen eschews grandeur

From the book 18 Holes with Bing Golf, Life, and Lessons from Dad: “Well, we had it for a while this morning,” Dad said in his best deadpan. “I can’t believe that you’ve lost it already.” The best golf clubs to buy?

Golf Club Hire/Golf Tips: Then we pulled into the parking lot at Castle Stuart, and that leap became a rapid, loping beat of anticipation. Only a teasing swath of golf course was visible here and there; most of our immediate view was of the white, art deco clubhouse and heath-er-clad hillocks — containing the tee-to-green mysteries we’d soon reveal, if not solve — between it and the Firth itself. To the southwest we spied the Kessock Bridge leading to Scotland’s upper peninsula. Distant Highlands peaks greeted us from every direction. As we unloaded our best golf clubs and stepped into the foyer, a sly wind picked up, carrying rain.

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Airport Pick Up: Add inflated airport prices to the equation and maybe having to feed your family, then suddenly eating at the airport might not be such an option to relish.

Airport Pick Up: The airport has only been known as Malaga – Costa del Sol since May 2011. It was originally ‘Malaga Airport’ but has also been known as “El Rompedizo” based on the strip of land by the same name that pilot Pierre Latecoere touched down on in March 1919 whilst flying over Malaga city looking for somewhere to land.

Airport Pick Up: There are quite a few stores where you can buy snacks or drinks if you prefer not to sit down and eat. The places to eat and drink at Palma Airport are divided between arrivals and departures public and passenger only zones. Passenger only zones are the post security check point modules for flyers A, B, C & D.

Airport Pick Up: Murcia airport is about 35 minutes drive from the city centre. You can rent a car here, or take a bus to get to Murcia city.

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Golf Club Hire

Golf Club Hire/Golf Tips: When playing, it is possible that we want to sink the putt so badly that we do not trust this new technique and we resort to our old way of thinking of how hard to stroke the ball. Old habits die hard, especially in golf, and it’s true throughout the bag, with every club. Just when you think you have a new move grooved,

Golf Club Hire/Golf Tips: • Place 65-70% of your weight on your left side and turn your sternum so that it points 2-3” in front of the ball, as I’m demonstrating with my wedge in PHOTO 3.

Golf Club Hire/Golf Tips: Now, this next statement is going to throw some into a frenzy. Do not think of how hard to strike the ball. Look at the target so as the eyes can register distance. Give it a good look for two or three seconds. Now look down at the ball and strike the ball immediately before the body loses the feel

Golf Club Hire/Golf Tips: We made our way out onto into the shadowy links to take a few photos, soak up the history and raw beauty and recall a fine Saturday at this rejuvenated, stately resort. That morning I’d strolled some of the front nine and snapping dozens of photos. I went back up the two long flights of stairs leading from the golf courses to the hotel, did a few laps in the indoor pool

Golf Club Hire/Golf Tips: To hit solid chips and pitches every time, the low spot in your motion needs to be in front of the ball. Here’s my easy recipe for ensuring this happens:

Golf Club Hire/Golf Tips: Henry Stetina, Program Coordinator, PGA Golf Management Program, New Mexico State University: “It’s quite obvious that Tiger has recently experienced problems with an aspect of his game that was once his strength—the short game. Physically, his problem is that he has too much forward shaft lean, which pro-motes a steep angle of attack and decreases the effective bounce of the club. He’d be better off setting the shaft more vertical at ad-dress and using the bounce of the club to brush the grass, similar to that of his putting stroke.

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Learn to Play Golf

Learn Golf in a Weekend

Learn to Play Golf.

More books on: Learn to Play Golf

Part of the “Learn In a Weekend” series this book focuses on learning to play golf. The series offers courses for the beginner which can be completed in two days. Each activity is devised by an expert and aims to help the beginner become a competent practitioner as they learn to play golf.

Learn to play golf in a weekend.Clear-cut diagrams give easy-to-follow advice on aspects of the game such as ball spin and trajectory primary targets and reading greens.

Teeing-off tips Straightforward advice on how to choose the right golf clubs and accessories as well as how to visualise the finer points of setting up and the swing in action.

Learn to play golf with action-packed body movements for each skill are broken down and analysed from different angles to show the full extent of the swing position.

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