Golf with Bing Crosby

Golf, Life, and Lessons from Bing Crosby

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In eighteen enlightening tales, Bing Crosby’s son Nathaniel pays tribute to his father, their relationship, and the unique sport that bonded them. Nathaniel sheds new light on our perception of Bing the singer, describing how he was, to his youngest child and many others alike, Bing the golfer. Full of entertaining anecdotes of Bing Crosby’s time on the golf course, the tournaments he created and later sponsored, and the golf lessons he shared with Nathaniel through the game, 18 Holes with Bing offers a rarified glimpse of a man who was one of the brightest stars of Hollywood’s golden age: Bing’s entertaining troops during World War II, his famous friends of stage and screen, his golf and entertainment tours throughout Europe, and, most of all, his humbleness–the modesty with which America’s greatest star played America’s greatest pastime.

About Nathaniel

Nathaniel Crosby won the United States Amateur Championship in 1981, is a former European Tour player, and was host of the Bing Crosby National Pro-Am for eight years. He played in three Masters, the United States Open, two British Opens, and on winning World Amateur and Walker Cup teams. He is the former president of Toney Penna Golf and grew two major golf manufacturing companies, Nicklaus Golf Equipment Company and Orlimar Golf, to substantial levels. He is currently the founder and president of AppleTree Management Group, the managing company of AppleTree Golf Society that is coordinating thirty private golf clubs into an ultra-affluent golf membership program. He lives in Jupiter, Florida with his wife, Sheila, and their six children.