Looking for Golf Club Rental? Don’t want the hassle of taking your clubs on holiday with you?   Spain, Portugal, Tenerife?  Look no further.  You won’t do better than hiring your clubs and golfing equipment from Blue Sky when you play abroad.

Golf Club Hire at Blue Sky Golf Rental

Blue Sky Golf Rentals are specialists in delivering golf equipment direct to your accommodation whilst you are golfing abroad. They have first class golf equipment from top suppliers such as Taylor Made, Titleist, PING, Mizuno, Wilson and Powakaddy.

Golf Club Hire From Blue Sky Golf Rental

Golf Club Hire

Golf Club Hire/Golf Tips: When playing, it is possible that we want to sink the putt so badly that we do not trust this new technique and we resort to our old way of thinking of how hard to stroke the ball. Old habits die hard, especially in golf, and it’s true throughout the bag, with every club. Just when you think you have a new move grooved,

Golf Club Hire/Golf Tips: • Place 65-70% of your weight on your left side and turn your sternum so that it points 2-3” in front of the ball, as I’m demonstrating with my wedge in PHOTO 3.

Golf Club Hire/Golf Tips: Now, this next statement is going to throw some into a frenzy. Do not think of how hard to strike the ball. Look at the target so as the eyes can register distance. Give it a good look for two or three seconds. Now look down at the ball and strike the ball immediately before the body loses the feel

Golf Club Hire/Golf Tips: We made our way out onto into the shadowy links to take a few photos, soak up the history and raw beauty and recall a fine Saturday at this rejuvenated, stately resort. That morning I’d strolled some of the front nine and snapping dozens of photos. I went back up the two long flights of stairs leading from the golf courses to the hotel, did a few laps in the indoor pool

Golf Club Hire/Golf Tips: To hit solid chips and pitches every time, the low spot in your motion needs to be in front of the ball. Here’s my easy recipe for ensuring this happens:

Golf Club Hire/Golf Tips: Henry Stetina, Program Coordinator, PGA Golf Management Program, New Mexico State University: “It’s quite obvious that Tiger has recently experienced problems with an aspect of his game that was once his strength—the short game. Physically, his problem is that he has too much forward shaft lean, which pro-motes a steep angle of attack and decreases the effective bounce of the club. He’d be better off setting the shaft more vertical at ad-dress and using the bounce of the club to brush the grass, similar to that of his putting stroke.