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Golf Club Hire/Golf Tips: It is my opinion, and that of any talented hitter, that equipment can surely translate into bad habits. Conversely, properly kitted equipment can allow you to have a fighting chance to develop a balanced and efficient golf motion. A set of the best golf clubs you can afford will change your golf life.

Golf Club Hire/Golf Tips: Like many of the U.K.’s best golf clubs (Royal Porthcawl in Wales comes to mind), Royal Aberdeen eschews grandeur

From the book 18 Holes with Bing Golf, Life, and Lessons from Dad: “Well, we had it for a while this morning,” Dad said in his best deadpan. “I can’t believe that you’ve lost it already.” The best golf clubs to buy?

Golf Club Hire/Golf Tips: Then we pulled into the parking lot at Castle Stuart, and that leap became a rapid, loping beat of anticipation. Only a teasing swath of golf course was visible here and there; most of our immediate view was of the white, art deco clubhouse and heath-er-clad hillocks — containing the tee-to-green mysteries we’d soon reveal, if not solve — between it and the Firth itself. To the southwest we spied the Kessock Bridge leading to Scotland’s upper peninsula. Distant Highlands peaks greeted us from every direction. As we unloaded our best golf clubs and stepped into the foyer, a sly wind picked up, carrying rain.

Golf Club Hire/Golf Tips: After the process is complete, one of the things that attracted me to both of these facilities is that once the best golf clubs are delivered, if we discover some aspect of the it that needs to be tweaked for any reason, both locations stand 100 percent behind their its and allow my students to bring the golf clubs back for any needed adjustments. Understand that even though these its are highly technology-based there is still that one curve ball, THE HUMAN FACTOR.

Golf Club Hire/Golf Tips: Adding pressure allows you to be uncomfortable so when you get into a tournament or competitive setting, you can be as comfortable as possible. Follow these practicing guidelines and you are guaranteed to play some of your best golf.