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From the book 18 Holes with Bing Golf, Life, and Lessons from Dad: The next day was worse. “Dozens of buses and numberless private cars converged on that speck of eastern Fife, and approximately twenty thousand fans were soon packed along the borders of the course,” Herbert Warren Wind wrote in The New Yorker. Dad opened with three birdies to take a three-up lead on local carpenter J.K. Wilson, but on the fourth hole he played to the wrong green. He also began shanking shots. He eventually lost the match, three and two. “I have an idea that he did not want to create such a crowd scene again—he hadn’t expected anything like it—and intentionally let a few holes slip away as the round wore on,” Wind wrote.

From the book 18 Holes with Bing Golf, Life, and Lessons from Dad: Dad first traveled to St. Andrews in 1950 to play in the British Amateur. He lost in the first round to a local carpenter, J.K. Wilson, with whom he formed an enduring friendship that started with this single round. His bond with the British people only deepened from that day. “From the moment the crooner ambled onto the sacred acres of St. Andrews’ old course he owned the huge crowd of 4,000 which broke all records for the first day of this 65-year-old tournament,” an Associated Press report said. Dad, after the press had criticized him for not playing a practice round on the Old Course, started with three birdies. Then he developed a case of the shanks and eventually lost, two-up.

From the book 18 Holes with Bing Golf, Life, and Lessons from Dad: around clubhouse. Had to go by Wilson’s club to meet his pals—second mob scene. Had nice lunch at R&A. Lady in charge gave us all a big shot of R&A #1 scotch especially bottled for them. Smooth! On 12th drove down to Muirfield (about 1–1/2 hours) for 27 holes. This is the greatest! Shot that back nine in par. Birdied both 3 pars. Lovely old clubhouse. Secretary gave us a great lunch and extended every amenity. Small charming hotel right next to clubhouse (Grey Walls). No par on the card for each hole, because it never plays the same. Our still day a 410 yd hole would be a 4 par. When wind is up its a 5. Constantly changing. Caught 7:00 plane for London. Shopped around London next day and golfed at Sunningdale Sat and Sunday. Dalton, Ian Cooper, Andrew McCain. Monday went up to Brancaster to see P Ward-Thomas. Norfolk lovely country. Bright sunny day. Played with Tom Harvey, Pat, Bobbie Selway. Good players. Great links course right on the sea [Royal West Norfolk Golf Club], windy along through the dunes! Very austere clubhouse. On high tides, links is surrounded by water and you must walk in to the 1st tee on the dike. Sailboats on both sides. Shore-birds of all kinds. A good test . . . Played Huntercombe. A real good park course. Takes a deal of local knowledge. Fine greens. . . . Finally achieved the ultimate, a day at St. George’s. Typical old farmhouse clubhouse. Great links, but not as good as Muirfield.

From Jack Montgomeries book The Real Tenerife: Fiercely protective of their heritage, Tinerfeños of every age know the words to their traditional songs, the steps to their traditional dances and own a ‘mago’ or traditional costume. Far from shunning old, outdated ideas, it’s predominantly the young who participate in the fiestas which commemorate, celebrate and preserve their heritage, finding any excuse to don the costume and roam the streets amidst traditional bands of ‘Parrandas’. Go along to a teenage party and you’re just as likely to hear Los Sabandeños as Muse. In the bars and golf clubs it’s not UK and US chart sounds that dominate, it’s Cuban hip hop, Reggaeton and Latino, an audible link to Tenerife’s Latin American pulse which has been 400 years in the making and which beats its way through the food, the music, the language and of course, Carnaval.

From Jack Montgomeries book The Real Tenerife: A few quiet bars and no golf clubs, but with 80 fiestas, short film seasons, jazz weekends, world music festivals and cinema on the beach taking place throughout the year, who needs them?