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Don’t drag your Ping Golf Clubs on holiday with you. Why give yourself the extra stress.

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Blue Sky Golf Rentals are specialists in delivering golf equipment direct to your accommodation whilst you are golfing abroad. They have first class golf equipment from top suppliers such as Taylor Made, Titleist, PING, Mizuno, Wilson and Powakaddy.

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Best to Buy? Ping Golf Clubs: A company known for its irons and putters in particular, and offering a full line of products and services.

Best to Buy? Gary in Tucson rated Pinemeadow Golf Clubs – I bought the Pre standard putter about 8 months ago and loved it from the start. After the PGA decided to go against the anchored/long putter ban, I went back to my long putter, but still love the Pre head. I’m now looking at getting a Pre belly putter. I really like the PM products. I also have the Command W7 3, 4, and 5 hybrids and love the feel and playability of them as well. Need a little more time getting used to them as they are heavier than my previous hybrids (Taylormade Rescue (Taylormade Golf Clubs) and a Ping #5 hybrid(Ping Golf Clubs.)

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